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RESA Properties has innovative and transformative solutions in remediation in order to provide tangible benefits to all stakeholders. RESA provides particular attention to ensuring the sustainability and wealth creation of the local community.

RESA Properties was founded in 2017 to provide liability management, remediation services and landfill development services to its clients.

RESA Properties, through a sister company,  has brought the extensive experience and expertise of key personnel from the USA to provide these services to South Africa in a responsible manner.

RESA Properties is a full-service, remedial construction company whose staff have experience in servicing the North American private sector and Fortune 500 companies, as well as government agencies and their partners. We provide environmental remediation, civil construction, geotechnical and demolition & decommissioning services globally. Our diversified and technical staff are skilled in the complete range of environmental remediation services, treatment technologies and project management delivery systems.

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Innovative - RESA has experience in delivering solutions that benefit all parties.


Safety – Our first priority is safety to our employees and project needs. Our policy for safety on projects is All Work No Incidents, this is instilled in each employee from management to project sites.


Turnkey Service – RESA Properties provides a full range of services for remedial and environmental construction, as well as liability transfer.


Cost-effective – RESA Properties provides a successful project management system including; planning, cash flow analysis, and overall coordination enabling the most cost-effective approach to the project.


Responsiveness – RESA Properties and its staff are flexible, attentive and proactive; understanding the needs and requirements of the clients and the project. Based on the initial evaluation, the best and most cost-effective approach is developed to meet our client’s and project’s needs.


Sustainability - RESA Properties promotes the use of sustainable practices during implementation of its core business activities which includes development of environmentally impaired properties, environmental remediation and construction and creating economic value from waste materials.



99 Main Rd
Cape Town, 8005
South Africa

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